October 2015 SGO Event Wrap Up
Meet Bhuvana Husain

Meet Localytics

TonyTony Wieczorek is an Engineering Manager at Localytics, based in Downtown Boston. Tony worked with us to host our June 2015 event. It’s always a pleasure to work with great people and Tony is no exception!

Why did you decide to sponsor a She+ Geeks Out event?
She+ Geeks Out was recommended to me by a friend who had sponsored a dinner at her company. They are providing a safe community for women to talk about what inspires them, the issues they face at work and how the Boston/Cambridge community can change for the better. Sponsoring a She+ Geeks Out dinner and speakers was an easy decision to make for Localytics.

What has your She+ Geeks Out experience been like?
It was very easy to plan and sponsor a She+ Geeks Out event. The team organizing the events was responsive, kind, and professional. They worked with me on any questions I had, which made the experience pleasant. I can’t wait to host our next SGO event.

Have you received any feedback from your employees about the company’s involvement with SGO?
I received a lot of positive feedback from employees who attended the event. Hosting an SGO event demonstrated our level of commitment to making our engineering culture a more inclusive one. They really enjoyed the quality of the two speakers at the event, and felt like they made great personal connections with the other attendees.

What do you geek out about?
I am a geek about trains, maps and schedules. I think public transportation is such a crucial part of our economy. Despite its troubles, I am thankful that Boston has our MBTA.

Any success stories?
Many employees felt that hosting an SGO event has helped us recruit from a wider talent pool. We haven’t yet hired anyone directly from an SGO event, but look forward to the day when we do.

How do you see Boston/Cambridge as an important community for supporting women in tech?
Massachusetts has always been a progressive leader in equality and inclusion, and our communities are stronger for it. Boston and Cambridge have often been at the vanguard of that change. With support and help from organization like She+ Geeks Out, there’s no reason why this area cannot be a shining example of a supportive technology environment for women.

Felicia Jadczak
Felicia Jadczak
Felicia is a Co-Founder of She Geeks Out.