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Bailee WalkerBailee is a Senior Technical Recruiter at athenahealth.

We’re super excited to have athenahealth host our upcoming March SGO event on 3/29/16. Interested in joining us? Sign up today!

Why did you decide to sponsor She+ Geeks Out?
It’s a great organization, a great networking opportunity, and a unique recruiting opportunity.  We want to make sure that we are helping our existing employees get involved in great networking organizations but we also want to be in the market to brand athena and help attract top talent to our growing organization.

What has your SGO experience been like?
Great so far!  Really looking forward to getting more involved and attending events.

Have you received any feedback from your employees about the company’s involvement with SGO?
We are still so new that we haven’t received much besides feedback that employees are excited to be involved with SGO and had a great time at our first Happy Hour.  Mimi Liu was a speaker at the [Velir] event and had a wonderful experience and will hopefully be able to attend events in the future.

How do you see Boston/Cambridge as an important community for supporting women in tech?
With this area being such a hub for tech, it’s a great city for women to connect and work together to continue to increase the female presence in tech.   With lots of local universities that offer phenomenal STEM majors for young women, we have a unique opportunity to network and meet women at all points in their career.  We have to continue supporting each other and help our companies and communities to attract, retain, and promote women into roles they will rock!

What do you geek out about?
Healthcare IT!

Anything else?
Dogs and donuts! (We’re a dog friendly campus and Kane’s delivers on Fridays!)

Felicia Jadczak
Felicia Jadczak
Felicia is a Co-Founder of She Geeks Out.