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Meet Abby Taylor

Abby is currently the Events & Partnerships Manager for Brooklyn Boulders Somerville, a 40,000 square foot rock climbing and fitness facility located in Somerville, MA. She has over 10 years of event planning experience, both in the corporate and startup world, as well as a focus on arts, music and cultural events. Recently she spent two years as the primary events manager for Workbar, a popular coworking network in the Boston area. She is committed to creating experiences that inspire community and creativity, whether it’s helping out a local artist in need with a fundraiser, or organizing a large scale celebration.

How (and when) did you get into your current field or company?
I worked my way through the restaurant industry and though I loved the people and culture, I wanted more of a regular schedule. Having had an interest in events in the past, I decided to focus my attention on hosting creative and inspiring events. I helped local coworking space, Workbar, build their events programming from 1-2 events per month to 2-4 events a week. I hosted over 100 events in a single year and helped them grow their membership by 300%. From there I turned my attention to Brooklyn Boulders to assist with growing their events and partnerships.

What does a typical day look like for you?
My days at Brooklyn Boulders are anything but typical. One day I’ll be setting up a group climb for 20 entrepreneurs from a local startup, another day I’ll be hosting a huge 600 person costume party for Harvard. Each day is different and that’s why I love it.

What is the favorite part of your day?
My favorite part of my day usually culminates in a community event, when all the pieces have come together and we get to enjoy the fruits of our labor, and a few glasses of wine!

What excites you about working in your industry?
I strive to create memorable and inspiring experiences, so being able to be as creative as possible is key. Events allow me to share in other people’s experiences and this is very inspiring to me.

What is the best piece of advice you have been given?
I worked at a restaurant one day and ended up in tears after a particularly rough shift. My manager sat me down and said “Abby, It’s just food and drinks, not life or death. Don’t give it that much power.” This taught me how important it is to keep perspective in everything I do.

What is your favorite part of being a woman in STEM?
I guess I wouldn’t consider what I do to be part of Science and Tech, but I work with many women in this field. It inspires me every day to see the success of these women.

What other women inspire you?
I pretty much meet a woman I admire every day, whether it’s a mother on the bus, or a woman making me the best latte ever, or watching women climb at BKB, or hanging out with my amazing friends and learning what they did today; I’m constantly in awe of the power of women.

What is something that most people don’t know about you?
I’m an identical twin, and I play ukulele.

What do you geek out about?
SciFi of all sorts. Also I’m the master of all things breakfast. Cooking makes me geek out like crazy.