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Let’s Get Social – Big Changes Afoot!

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You should be familiar with the many platforms and profiles that we have across the beautiful land of the internet, especially our Facebook Group and our Slack team. All of these are great ways for you to connect with each other and share all kinds of cool information. In an effort to make sure that everyone can find who and what they’re looking for, we’re making some changes.  Read on!

SGO Facebook Group – The group will be an open space where all genders can share articles, pose questions, and generally connect with each other. The big change here is that we’ll soon be implementing a more curated experience by no longer allowing posts for jobs and events here. That’s okay though… we have Slack. To the Slack!

SGO Community Slack – The SGO Slack team will remain women-only where you can share events, jobs, etc. In case you missed the note above, these posts will no longer be allowed on the FB group, so make sure you’re sharing them to the Slack if you want people to see them!

(New) SGO Members Slack – This is a brand new channel we created for us to be able to communicate directly with all of our individual members and for you to communicate amongst yourselves.  This is where we’ll post discount codes for all of our events and any special member announcements.  If you’re a member and you haven’t received an invitation to the Members Slack team, please email us!

And just a quick reminder, you can also get social with us on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and on our FB page.