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Hiring Spotlight: Meet Loren & Varsha

When we heard that Loren, recruiter at Yesware, one of our lovely event sponsors, connected with Varsha at an SGO event and then hired her, we had to share. Their story is practically a romance. And yes, there’s a haiku at the end. We are SOO thrilled they met and made a happy match!

Tell us a little bit about yourself– what’s your background and your story?

Loren: I attended four high schools in four years. I wasn’t a bad kid, I just couldn’t find the right fit!  In retrospect, this was probably where my interest in culture fit was formed. My Uber rating is currently a 4.9 and I have three sons– Arliss, Tonka and Wallace. They are pugs.

Varsha: A little over a year and a half ago, I graduated from University of Virginia, and moved to good ol’ Beantown. I immediately fell in love with Boston, a perfect equation of intellectual epicenter and innovation hub, with a thriving arts scene and a rich history. My first winter in Boston (2015) was the worst in Boston’s history, but I’m still here! Anyway, it can’t get any worse, right?!

I’m currently a customer success manager at Yesware, but outside of work, you’ll likely find me in one of three places on a weekend: a bookstore, a coffee shop, or an art gallery.

What do you geek out about?

Loren: I love podcasts! Right now I’m into #girlboss radio with Sophia Amoruso; Instagram and Maine

Varsha: I geek out about abstract expressionist art, post-modern and contemporary literature, and breakfast at any hour.

How did you find She+ Geeks Out?

Loren: I used to work with Felicia Jadczak (SGO Co-Founder) and learned about SGO from her. I went to a couple of events and I was hooked!

Varsha: My friend told me about SGO. She described it as an opportunity to meet other women in the Boston tech community—and I was immediately intrigued. Having graduated from UVA’s undergraduate business program (concentrating in Marketing and Management) and worked in a sales role in the tech industry for a year, I found that business orgs, particularly within tech, often felt like a boys’ club. Still I always managed to find examples of women at work breaking the mold and challenging stereotypes. I was drawn to SGO because I felt that it empowered women to share their geeky pursuits and to inspire others, in a casual setting. It’s a great way to meet other like-minded, interesting women, without the stuffiness of most networking events.

Loren, tell us about Yesware and what makes it special

Yesware is special because of the people, everyone here is 100% committed. I should say people AND our culture. Our culture is based on transparency, self-awareness, mindfulness and a zeal for achieving amazing results for our customers and for ourselves!

Varsha, how was the process for looking for a job for you, with SGO but also more broadly in Beantown?

After months submitting resumes to job portals and feeling like I was getting nowhere, I decided to change my approach. Boston’s tech community is unique, because unlike Silicon Valley, it isn’t oversaturated with technologists and entrepreneurs. Boston is still evolving and in its formative years as an innovation hub and, as such, I’ve found that it’s very interconnected.

I flipped the concept of job search from a stressful process to an opportunity to learn a little bit more about Boston’s tech community and to meet some really cool people along the way.

SGO was a great avenue to do just that. I was so inspired by the stories and experiences of the women I met. I also felt like I could get a sense of what’s out there, without being daunted by the career-fair atmosphere—I get stressed just imagining the stuffy suits, endless elevator pitches, and the race to get a word in with recruiters.

How did you connect specifically through She+ Geeks Out?

Loren: I met Varsha when Yesware hosted a SGO event in May of 2015!

Varsha:  Yesware happened to be hosting the first SGO event that I went to. Loren shared her story of how she created the @pugsofinstagram account, which went on to garner hundreds of thousands of followers (I’m now one of them!). When she talked about the trials and tribulations of being insta-famous, she seemed so sincere and I could tell she had a great sense of humor—I totally wanted to hang out with her! My first impression was that she was so approachable, which is why I felt so comfortable chatting with her after.

While I was in Yesware’s kitchen sipping on a beverage and scanning the open layout, I did imagine what it would be like to work at Yesware. After chatting with Loren (and even getting an informal tour!), the possibility seemed less abstract.

Loren, how long had you been looking to hire for Varsha’s position?

When I first met Varsha we didn’t even have a job open! I think we had just filled a position on our Customer Success team. I remember being very, very disappointed that we didn’t have another position open. I kept thinking we were going to lose her to another company! I really wanted to hire her right away. I do remember telling anyone who’d listen that I met someone amazing for the Customer Success team at the SGO event!

What was the job process  like once you were able to connect?

Loren: While we met in May, it wasn’t until July that I got the green light to open a new job for our Customer Success team. As I recall I think I connected with Varsha on LinkedIn to let her know that we had a job opening and I think she replied with her resume. Once the job was open and official, we interviewed a handful of candidates including Varsha for this position. While it was no secret that I was rooting for Varsha, I remember having to sit tight to let the process take its course.  Fortunately the team voted unanimously to make Varsha an offer. She accepted our offer and started working at Yesware on September 21, of 2015 ! The rest is history!

Varsha: I think to call it a “process” would be doing Loren a disservice, because honestly it was such a pleasurable experience. I really felt that Loren was my champion throughout, coaching me by providing clear expectations and cheering me on when I made it to next round. She always asked the right questions and made me feel comfortable. And because she was so transparent and genuine, I really felt I could let my guard down and ask the tough, but important, questions.

I got the opportunity to meet and interview with people from every department of Yesware, which I felt was crucial to helping me understand where I’d fit. And I loved that the perks as great as they are, never overshadowed what ultimately would guide my decision: the job and the people. This was incredibly reassuring because I knew that by joining Yesware, I wouldn’t just be getting free perks, I would be doing what excites me (i.e. helping people) AND working with people towards a mission, guided by core values that I believed in.

The fact that I could glean this from the interview process alone (and that the expectations aligned with reality) speaks volumes to how awesome Loren is. She is simply the bomb dot com.

How’s it going? Obviously awesome, but, you know, feel free to be creative here

Loren: We love working with Varsha and I think she likes working with us too! She was an amazing hire not just for the role she’s in now, but for our company, she makes Yesware better by working here!


You told me to be creative, so here’s a haiku:

Thank you, She+ Geeks Out!
I love Yesware. There’s nowhere
I would rather be.

But in all seriousness, working at Yesware has been awesome. I love that every day brings new challenges and that I am constantly empowered and inspired by those that I work with. I’m not really a believer in fate, but I have often reflected on how small actions can have a great impact (think domino effect). If I hadn’t met up with my friend for coffee, I may have never found out about She+ Geeks Out. If I hadn’t gone to SGO in May, I may have never found out about Yesware. If I hadn’t stayed after the presentation, I may have never met Loren… you get the idea.

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