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Get a Job You Love: Interviewing Without Fear with Tanya McMorris and MomUp

Interviewing Without Fear_ Tanya McMorris

On June 14, 2022, SGO is bringing together the collective wisdom of some of our favorite career coaches, sponsored by Starburst Data, for our virtual Get a Job You Love Summit. While the last few years have brought up some big career shakeups with "The Great Resignation," there has also been some "Great Regret," with one in five people who switch jobs regretting their moves. To ensure your next step is the best one for you, we're asking this expert pool of coaches how to get a job you LOVE.

Tanya McMorris and MomUp will be leading a session on Interviewing Without Fear from 2 pm-3 pm ET. Learn more about Tanya and her journey to interview coaching, then join us for her session (and more) on June 14!

What brought you to coaching?
I’ve been coaching privately for years. I restarted my resume writing business on the Thumbtack platform during the pandemic. The president of Mom-up (Michelle from Mom-up) reached out to me about being a resume coach but decided later for me to be their interview coach. I was immediately on board to be a part of Mom-up because it was started by women, and all the coaches are women. 

What’s been the most difficult part of being a coach?
The difficult part of being a coach is when clients do not take my advice and apply it. 

What’s your favorite part about being a coach?
My favorite part of being a coach is assisting women in obtaining employment or their dream job.

What’s one strength everyone should work on building? 
Speaking with confidence. It’s important to speak as knowledgeable in your career field of choice.

Before an interview, have a moment of silence with yourself. Try to avoid talking to many people... you need to concentrate and focus on yourself.

Tanya McMorris

How should people best prepare for an interview? 
Have a moment of silence with yourself. Try to avoid talking to many people before your interview because you need to concentrate and focus on yourself. It's essential to do your homework on a company before the interview. Check to see if there is any information on LinkedIn on the person conducting your interview. Walk into the interview with knowledge of what the company does. It’s embarrassing when you do not know anything about the organization.

What is the one thing people should avoid doing in an interview? 
Avoid saying words like "um," "you know," and "it’s like" as you are structuring your sentences in your head. 

What is one question all candidates should ask in an interview? 
What is the current company culture?

What would it look like to finally have a job you love?

Be immersed in the brilliance and kindness of the She+ Geeks Out community, career coaches, and companies that are looking for you. Join us for this joyful half-day virtual summit sponsored by Starburst Data. Whether you’re a full-fledged job seeker or consider yourself job curious- you'll have an opportunity to learn, connect, and gain the tools to figure out what's next for your career!