November 29, 2022

The Best Ways to Give Back this Giving Tuesday

This Giving Tuesday, we’re celebrating the amazing nonprofits that are working hard to make a difference in our communities. Every day, these organizations work tirelessly to […]
February 3, 2022

TV Shows that Go Beyond the Bechdel Test

We recently published a post on TV shows that pass the Bechdel test. But that’s just one test we can use to assess our television shows. […]
January 20, 2022

Ten Recent TV Shows That Pass the Bechdel Test

A few years ago, we compiled a list of recent TV shows and movies that pass the Bechdel test and thought it was time to revisit […]
April 20, 2021

Climate Action Must Be Intersectional

When we think of Earth Day, many of us might think about plastic straws or recycling. Some of us might think about saving the rainforest, the […]
September 8, 2020

Why We’re Making She+ Votes Out A Thing

If you’re sleeping better now than you were four years ago, this post is probably not for you. But can you please email us to tell […]
July 15, 2020

25 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Experts to Follow on Twitter

When thinking about issues around diversity, equity, and inclusion, one area I am very mindful of is who I am following (whose voices do I hear […]
June 1, 2020

Our Feminism is Intersectional. Black Lives Matter.

She+ Geeks Out was founded around feminist principles, and to be clear, our feminism is intersectional. We won’t ignore what is going on around us, because we […]
May 29, 2020

An Open Letter to Black People Wanting to Find Peace in the Midst of Grieving

You know the feeling you get when there’s a scream or cry stuck in the back of your throat? That’s probably how many of us have […]
May 14, 2020

How to Transition to Working from Home: Update

The She+ Geeks Out team has been fully working from home for approximately two months at this point. While we were a blended team beforehand with […]
March 12, 2020

How to Transition to Working from Home

In these ever changing times, one new reality that many of us have had to confront in the past few days is transitioning from working in […]
February 13, 2019

Nine Recent TV Shows and Movies That Pass the Bechdel Test

The Bechdel test is named after Alison Bechdel who introduced the concept as part of her Dykes to Watch Out For comic series in 1985, but […]
January 17, 2019

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Books We’re Reading

This year we’re focusing not on New Year’s resolutions, but some goals and themes for 2019. One of those goals is to catch up on our […]