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Announcing our San Francisco Speed Recruiting Event!

We are thrilled to announce our targeted speed recruiting event in San Francisco! Our goal is to maximize everyone’s time by directly connecting job seekers with recruiters who are hiring for specific roles. As always, we’re working to facilitate direct connections between companies and our amazing community of women.

Special thanks to the good humans at Salesforce.org for hosting this event!

Event details

Salesforce.com’s Rincon Auditorium
121 Spear St (Mission)
San Francisco, CA 94105
United States

Date: March 14, 2018

Time: 6:00pm-9:00pm


  • 1/23-2/15: Applications open
  • 2/22: Companies and job seekers notified that their application has been approved
  • 2/26: Confirm companies and job seekers
  • 3/5: Companies and job seekers provide SGO with any final details
  • 3/9: SGO provides companies and job seekers with information about attendees
  • 3/14: Let the speed recruiting begin!


  • What’s the cost? It’s 100% free to participate! We ask that companies who have an accepted offer pay a 5% salary commission, which is significantly less than what recruiting companies normally charge. Alternatively, companies can pay $500 per recruiter instead of the commission.
  • How are you choosing employers and candidates? We want to be sure this is a meaningful experience for everyone on all sides, which is why we’ve set up an application system for both recruiters and applicants. Both will complete an application which will ask what jobs/people they’re looking for. We’ll review all applications and will choose roles with the highest numbers of applicants and companies. For example, if we have 10+ companies interested in hiring software engineers and 20+ applicants who are in that field, the recruiting event will be focused on that job type and we’ll ask companies and applicants to attend. We’re also asking applicants to include their experience level as well, so we’ll do the best we can to make sure we have a mix based on the needs of companies.
  • Can men attend as recruiters? Yes!
  • How many recruiters can attend? We ask that no more than two recruiters per company attend.

Ready to apply? Great!

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