August 2015 SGO Event Wrap Up
September 2015 SGO Event Wrap Up

An SGO-ers Experience at HubSpot’s INBOUND 2015

SGO member Anna Uyen Le told us why she loves being a woman in tech (below) and recently had a great opportunity to truly dive into the Boston tech scene at HubSpot’s INBOUND 2015 conference. Check out her recap below!

I love being a woman in tech because of how supportive women are of each other in tech! Teaching myself programming after college is probably one of the toughest endeavors I’ve taken on, but through it I’ve been finding so many stimulating online and offline communities of women who make it easier and more fun to learn a subject that is predominantly led by men. What’s even more awesome is witnessing how women’s perspectives and lived experiences lead to amazing technology—it inspires me to stay determined to write my own life-changing code one day!

We couldn’t agree more!

Below is Anna’s account of her time at INBOUND:


Hey there!

I’m here to share a recap of the event for those of you who weren’t able to attend but want get a perspective from a fellow SheGeek (in case you’ll be participating in INBOUND 2016!).

INBOUND is a term coined by the founders of HubSpot and named for their popular marketing methodology. It is so popular, indeed, that they named their conference, jam-packed with exciting keynotes, presentations, and activities with an attendance of 14,000+, after it. The event feels like a good mix of marketing hacks, software 101’s, inspiration, networking, and bottomless happy hours. Below are a few of my favorite moments from #INBOUND15.

toddOne of the first presentations I attended was by Todd Rowe, Managing Director of Global Sales at Google. He gave an insider’s perspective on Google’s definition of innovation (precisely, how to be revolutionary, not evolutionary). It was absolutely riveting to hear about how this tech giant tackles user experience problems in laymen’s terms, such that every business and individual can relate to.

Perhaps one of the most memorable talks for me was by Marc Maron, a comedian, writer and the host of a popular podcast. Hilarious and bold, he challenged the audience to ruminate on the value of conversation. More specifically, he led to me to think deeply about the content surrounding us, professionally and personally. Are we contributing compelling information to our environment or just dispersing mere and more content into the macrocosm that is our greater society?

There were many other amazing speakers from a variety of backgrounds, from sales experts in niche industries, to influencers from Twitter and LinkedIn. Of course, there were tons of courses led by HubSpot to train attendees on how to use their products, and a presentation from the HubSpot founders themselves. We were even treated to special comedy hours from Aziz Anzari and Amy Schumer!

inbound-insideHere’s a glimpse of Club INBOUND, basically a home base where there was unlimited coffee in the morning, a live DJ, free-flowing hors d’oeuvres and booze during Happy Hour. Gorgeous booths were located at the center of the club, where representatives from a plethora of marketing and tech companies were present to chat with attendees. I made a ton of great connections in this place, from international marketers to creative start-up founders.

As the event was a week long, with days that began at 8:30AM and ended at 10PM, Hubspot made sure that attendees had designated spaces to rest, recharge, and simple connect with other guests. We were treated to lunch at the Lawn on D (yes, where the cool light-up swings in Boston are) from a variety of food trucks.

In summary, I had a total blast! INBOUND was fast-paced, exciting, and offered so much information and knowledge to those who attended. I would highly recommend this event to anyone who can handle the frenzy. The conference was not limited to those in marketing or tech, as there were presentations on just about everything, from which everyone can learn from and apply to their professional roles. It was also an excellent place to make connections and network. I enjoyed my experience so much that perhaps you might find me at #INBOUND16.



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