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2017 By and Beyond the Numbers, Plus a Look Ahead

Hi again! Well, here we are at the close of 2017 … yup, that happened. We were faced with a LOT of crazy, but also a LOT of amazing.  The 24 hour news cycle took on a whole new meaning this year, but we think it’s safe to say that many of us wouldn’t have been able to look away anyway. From the Women’s March to the #metoo movement, from gun violence to a heightening of culture wars, it was a year of awakening for many. It’s with this lens that we reflect on 2017 as a year where we at She+ Geeks Out became much more intentional in our work. We always have and always will support women at work and beyond; our events make up a critical component to this effort. However, in order to push towards greater equity overall at work, we realized it’s important to educate people on the role unconscious bias plays in the workplace, and provide real, tangible solutions for increasing diversity and creating a more inclusive culture at work. So at the start of the year, we rolled out a series of workshops and a few webinars. We’re thrilled to say that over 500 people have participated in our trainings so far.

Looking ahead we’re excited to start having deeper conversations about not only diversity and inclusion, but also equity. Understanding equity means getting at why diversity and inclusion have been hard to ‘fix’. Understanding concepts like power and privilege, our place in the world, how our world views fit certain narratives, and how they can play into a variety of inequities, are all ways at getting to a more grounded and informed understanding of the challenges we face at work, and frankly, in our personal lives as well.

In 2018, we are thrilled to be partnering with Hack.Diversity, as well as Moms as Mentors (our 2018 nonprofit partner).  We’re also excited to have rolled out our first ever Diversity and Inclusion in Boston Tech Survey earlier this month, and we can’t wait to share what we’ve learned with you. Stay tuned for those results and much, much more news in 2018!

So how’d we do by the numbers? Here’s how 2017 has shaped up. In 2017, we:

  • Held 25 community events
  • Held 11 public diversity and inclusion events
  • Hosted 2,752 women
  • Ambassed with 14 incredible ambassadors (we lost a few to other cities and obligations, but gained some lovely new faces!)
  • Recorded 44 episodes of the She+ Geeks Out podcast
  • Grew to 594 members
  • Gave away 62 raffle prizes
  • Trained 572 people on diversity and inclusion

Thank you all for being on this incredible journey with us. We love our community, our sponsors, our partners, and feel truly honored to have you be a part of our world.